*NEWS* RGB may15 was yet another successful experiment! our agents in the field reported that the test subjects responded favorably to the audio wizardry of: connie, jesse mann and the raw q!


IMAGES (special thanks to David Barron)


for our next experiment we've decided the best follow up prescription consists of 1 part classic disco/boogie administered by nyc's very own trusted crate-diggin doctor Love On the Run! also standing by will be none other than the Dj Beau aka: Raw Q with an additional dosage of oldschool techno/house + minimal dnb.

based on past experiences we predict the outcome of this treatment will generate favorable results, mainly in the form of: bodies rockin and shockin to the boogie woogie disco beats, and also in the form of hips groovin to the rollin warmth of subfrequency basslines.

thank you for your continued participation,

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