dec.18.09 - dlab presents: labwerks + raw q

next up we bring you the audiovisual wizardry of NYC's own: D-LAB

DLAB 0900 (dealin records) *audiovisual multimedia set!

this elusive NYC based multimedia artist began producing beats back in the early 90's using cassette decks and a Gemini 8 second sampler. since then, he's created an impressive array of electronic music which draws from a multitude of influences including: Juan Atkins, Rick James, Prince, Kraftwerk and Front 242 to name a few.

in 2006 DLab collaborated with Dr. Wundt of Dealin Records for the "Till Death Do Us Part" double LP. his works appearing on the LP included: Solitaire, Blow Up Dummy, Shadow Dancers, Quicksand and Pop & Lock.

DLab aka: Labwerks has also created an impressive body of multimedia works, combining found/created video imagery combined with an original musical score. his works have been regularly showcased at RGB since it's inception.

RAW Q (influence, bingo, direct drive)

Beau aka: Raw Q has been a truely devoted contributor to underground electronic music and rave culture since the early 90s. from his roots as one of the founders of Camouflage (nyc's longest running 21+ dnb weekly), an original Liquid Sky, Satellite Records and Breakbeat Science dj to his current status as one of Dj Zinc's 'Bingo Allstars' and a selected tagteam partner of Dj DB at the highly acclaimed 'Secret Night of Science' monthly parties at LOVE.

Beau's music production career began in 95' when he teamed up with Dj Ani (NASA, Deee-Lite) and created a series of tunes which appeared on Dj Soulslinger's 'Jungle Sky' imprint (the first US Drum n Bass Label). to presently, as he produces under the moniker 'Raw Q' where his music has had a major impact in the world of electronic music with tunes such as 'Vital Soul' which appeared on Dj Zinc's reputable Bingo imprint and was ranked 11th in the BBC's Global Dance Music charts
(jul.13.04), which encompasses all genres of dance music.

Raw Q's discography includes: Vital Soul, Funkdefied (Bingo Recs), Jagged Edge (Grid Recs) and Caspian Moon, Summer Rain (Influence Recs).


MONKEYTOWN - North 3rd between Wythe + Kent (Williamsburg) 11pm til 4am - no cover before 12 - $5 after

  • 4 large video screens
  • a central area for dancing
  • perimeter communal seating
  • 6.1 surround sound
  • fine experimental cuisine

DLab:Labwerks - Multimedia Channel
Studio Mix Jan'09 - Raw Q


RGB is an audiovisual experiment designed to pleasure and stimulate the senses. the formula consists of: 3 highly advanced electronic audio selectors, 4 walls of stimulating visuals, generous helpings of alcoholic beverages, and the 4th and most vital ingredient of all is you, the willing test subject!

WARNING! test subjects can expect to experience the following range of side effects:
  • a heightened compulsion to dance and/or to 'jack yo body'
  • sudden unexpected waves of visual pleasure brought on by hypnotic visuals
  • physically stimulating reactions brought on by low frequency basslines
  • a noticeable decrease in anxiety and inhibitions
it is further noted that test subjects may develop a dependency on RGB audiovisual stimuli. in the event this occurs, please consult your RGB electronic music provider for further access to the required stimuli.

thank you,

nov - media update

special guests Dj Strife and Love On the Run both threw down some incredibly diverse and uplifting beats! here's a short clip of Strife in action!

Dec.18.09 - next up we've got a special multimedia set from nyc's own DLab of Dealin Records as he brings the cyberfunk sights + sounds of Labwerks to RGB! stay tuned for more info!